Featured Clients
Below are a few of GMG Hosting's featured clients.
A featured client has given GMG Hosting Solutions permission to share a bit about what they do with the server space we provide them.

Client     Description
Cyntara.org Cyntara.org is an online game based on the free and open-source MMORPG server emulator, forgottenserver by Mark Samman.
Diath.net Diath.net is a personal domain for a programmer that goes by the name Diath; he is known for creating pyfsw, a powerful CMS written in Python using the Flask framework.
The link to the left is to his public paste site.
In addition to the above clients, we serve as a hosting provider for:

» [1] Private Code Repository (using GitLab)
» [2] IRC Servers
» [2] Personal Websites
» [1] Private Minecraft Server
» [1] Private TeamSpeak 3 Server
» [1] Private Terraria Server
» [8] Databases (using MySQL)